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The CrossFit Games Open - RX'd or Scaled?

The CrossFit Games Open - RX'd or Scaled?

It’s that time of year again.  The CrossFit Games season is about to begin.

Time to scrub away all the extra pounds of metabolically inert material (i.e. fat) that we have somehow stuck onto our bodies in the past few months.  Time to get hyped up for competition, community, and Coors!

If you’re starting to struggle with those New Year’s resolutions the timing of The Open will force you stay strong.  Or, maybe you’re on point and just getting the final touches dialed in, ready to go at it like a Saturday night pizza.  Either way, if you’re like us there’s a decision to be made.  Do you go for the now available SCALED option, or do you go RX’d?

Well, that’s a good question.  And it all depends on you - where you’re at with your fitness and what you want from your fitness.

The community is about to rally together in a 5 week gauntlet of pain, promise, and promotion.  Crazy accomplishments will be realized - maybe someone’s first Muscle Up or Handstand Push-up, maybe another’s first pull-up or double under.  

On the other side of the coin, a lot of folks are going to dive into movements and/or loading that will potentially get them hurt, or worse, injured, just because of the atmospheric peer pressure that inevitably surfaces.

What is so powerful and beautiful about the whole process, the competition aspect where we push harder than we normally do, is also what makes it potentially detrimental to your overall training and health.

So, what to do?  Here’s what we personally are going to do.  We’ll use it as a guide to getting the most we can out of the Open while also protecting the fitness we’ve worked so hard to get.  We are going to do the things we can, avoid the things that are clearly out of reach, and have fun.  That’s it.

Jason and I are not doing the Open in hopes of advancing on to Regionals or the Games.  Therefore, our decisions of whether or not to go RX or SCALED on any given Open workout will solely be determined by our ability levels and confidence with the movements and weights involved.  Period.  

Where we’re at with the movements and loading is different but what we want at this point in our lives is the same - to continue training on a regular basis, beyond the Open.

We’re going to have a blast.

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